Farmer Cattle Company - Company Message
Farmer Cattle Company is located in Bardwell, TX. We have been involved in some facet of the cattle business for over 50 years.  In fact, we have been in the commercial cow/calf business, stocker cattle business, show cattle business, and now the Angus/Angus composite seedstock business.  Our experience in various segments of the beef cattle industry has highlighted the importance of maternal efficiency.  Too often, maternal efficiency is overlooked, ignored, or lacks popularity in some circles.  Farmer Cattle Company, through honest trial and error, understands clearly that profitability and sustainability hinges on breeding for the fundamentals.

Farmer Cattle Company is your southern source for maternally efficient Angus & SimAngus genetics.
Efficiency traits emphasized:
1) Fertility
2) Calving Ease
3) Natural Thickness
4) Fleshing Ability on Forage
5) Superior Udder Quality
6) Predictable Performance